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Easy Connection To Screen for Windows 4.7.1 Download and Install

Easy Connection To Screen For Windows allows you to control your PC from your Smart TV. First, install the app on your PC, and then log in with your Samsung account.

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This download contains the files needed for installing the Easy Connection To Screen utility. Make sure your keyboard and mouse are connected to the TV, and follow the detailed guide on how to access to your PC on the TV. The software is available for free to download and install for pivate use.

How to get started?

Make sure your device and display screen are compatible: Before attempting to connect your device to a display screen, ensure that your device and display screen are compatible with “Easy Connection To Screen.” Also, ensure that your device is running Android 6.0 or higher.

Adjust display settings

Once you have connected your device to a display screen, adjust the display settings on your device to ensure the best viewing experience. You can adjust the resolution, aspect ratio, and other display settings to match your display screen.